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At Pets Can Play, Inc. our team is passionate about developing some of the best interactive pet toys for both dogs and cats!

Pets Can Play, Inc.

Play Time With Your Pets

Did you know that when you play with your pet their happiness increases several fold?

We try our best to conceive new ideas for pet toys that are fun for both the owner and their beloved pet(s)! It’s important to have a good time together and your cat or dog will love you for that.

Not only is it healthy for them (exercise, cardio / strength, bones and joints), their reflexes improve and they are mentally more positive overall. It also helps to reduce any unwanted behaviors your pet may have (ex. aggression, biting, scratching, chewing) as well as adding longevity to their life.

Instead of buying toys to leave with your pets to play on their own time get toys that allow you to play together!

The time you spend together with your pets is precious and it absolutely does make a real difference. When they’re having a good time with you around they tend to associate those fun times with your presence. You’ll soon notice that they’ll be around looking for you so they can play again.

Pets Can Play Pet Toys

Made and manufactured in world class GMP certified facilities with environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic dyes.

Quality and safety are our primary focus for all pet toy products we develop but we are focused on increasing the “FUN” factor for both pets and their owners that play with them. When we hear from customers telling us that they’ve never seen their pets have so much fun we are all smiles here as well!

Pet Toys That Keep Getting Better

We are always trying to improve and update our pet toys. Unlike other product manufacturers we take all feedback / suggestions from our customers into account. Whether it’s a previously released product or a newer product, with each production run of our pet products we find ways to make it better and better.

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